Police hold active shooter training for local churches and residents

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August 23rd 2018: Denton county police and residents meet at a local church, to discuss what to do in the event of an active shooter. This includes the ways to protect yourself physically.

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Filmed and edited by Jessika Hardy

“The Enemy Will Not Prevail” – Breakthrough w/ Prophet Ricardo McCallum (10/14/2018)

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Prophet Ricardo McCallum ministering a prayer of
breakthrough & healing for a couple in attendance
during the Sunday 12pm service in the Orlando, Fl
area on 10/14/2018. To God be the glory !

Prophet Ricardo McCallum Ministries
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Orlando, FL (10/14/2018)

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Sundays – 9am- Lakeland, FL
Sundays – 12pm- Orlando, FL
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Performance – Sisters Summit 2016 – Antioch Fellowship MBC, Dallas

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Erica Campbell performance at Sisters Summit 2016 – Antioch Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, Dallas, TX – September 16, 2016.

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Aug 10: NFL Thugs Pushing Evil; Demon Voices in Your & Killers’ Head

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Friday, Aug 10 Hour 1: Blacks destroy NFL & don’t care; Trump on Chicago violence; Voice of demon

Jesse and Joel joke around. Blacks destroy everything: neighborhoods & NFL, over illusion of racism and police brutality. | 2) Colin Kaepernick says they’re protesting systemic oppression. Blacks don’t care. Roger Goodell is a beta male. Trump says, “Get that S.O.B. off the field… You’re fired!” Barry of Atlanta, GA, says Jesse lied about SB10 (you’re still on that?). | 3) BOND Entrepreneur Academy: Joel’s Gifted Of Dance, James’s The Hake Report. Barry of Atlanta, GA, still stuck on one thing. Ross of TX is 15, says he can’t express conservative views. Ross laughs at a liberal calling Jesse uneducated. | 4) Trump calls out Chicago violence and leadership: an absolute and total disaster. Laura of TX blames Roger Goodell for NFL situation with Colin Kaepernick, and thinks they should have given him a platform — no! | 5) Same voice that told Nicolas Cruz the Parkland, FL shooter to “burn, kill, destroy” is the voice that tells you to commit suicide, hate your neighbor, make you feel good or bad. Forgive and come out of the darkness.

Aug 10 Hour 2: Black denial of out-of-wedlock births; Tar baby history; Pay attention

Dave of VA says a female teacher gave him a math test that he didn’t need, but she didn’t give the results. Men need to stand up. | 2) Caller Michael of Cary, NC, accuses Jesse of making up the stat that 77% of black babies are born out-of-wedlock to black women who were born here. Instead of answering whether it’s evil, he challenges him on the source like a beta male. Jesse talks to Jay of NYC on telling the truth. | 3) Support BOND 800-411-BOND. Thank you for the help! Jesse talks to Henry of Reno, NV, on the tar baby. Joel plays the clip from the caller who called Jesse “tar baby” the other week. | 4) Henry tells the story of the tar baby. Most people don’t pay attention to what’s really going on with the corrupt government and false leaders like Obama. David of Baton Rouge, LA, talks to Jesse. | 5) More with David of Baton Rouge, then Joel of NJ, who says Jesse helped him.

Aug 10 Hour 3: Evil black athletes; Democrats are about love? How divorce hurts men

Joel of NJ is 21 — talks about NFL players bashing the country, as well as basketball player LeBron James being an icon for evil. Melissa of Springfield, MA, thanks Jesse — she spoke with her mother. | 2) Hector talks about dating and his mother. | 3) Parkland, FL shooter says voices told him to burn, kill, destroy. Michelle of Phoenix, AZ thinks the Democrat Party is about love and trying to help society. | 4) Jesse asks if it’s love to let illegals come in here. Travis gives facts on divorce and custody. | 5) Thank you for Super Chats! Caller Travis says the Confederate soldiers weren’t slave owners, but even if the statues were slave owners, we should keep them up!


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BREAKING Nancy Pelosi Press Briefing on Midterm Elections Results November 7 2018 News

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BREAKING Nancy Pelosi on Midterm results Democrats taking control of House November 7 2018 News

BREAKING Democrats take Back House in Midterm Elections Republicans Hold on to Senate 11/7/18

Breaking Rush Limbaugh & Judge Jeanine @ Last Midterm Trump Rally November 2018

BREAKING Trump final Midterm Rally asks Crowd to pray they Sing AMAZING GRACE November 2018

BREAKING Trump & Hannity Last Call Nationwide to VOTE RED TODAY November 6 2018

Breaking Utah Mayor Brent Taylor USA Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Insider Attack November 4 2018

BREAKING Trump Pence & Coach Bobby Knight VOTE RED Rally Indiana November 2 2018 News

Breaking Trump declares Caravan Mob throwing Rocks @ USA Military will respond as Firearms November 2018 News

RAW Lion Air Passenger Jet 189 on board flight JT610 Footage before Plunging into Sea update 11/1/18

Breaking Trump on MSM Democrat Open Borders Fake News Enemy of the People November 2018

Bible Prophecy in Current Events Book of Revelation reveals End Times News November 2018

Breaking Russia again Warns Israel against Military Operations in Syria October News Update 2018

Breaking Trump on Jewish Synagogue Shooter October 29 2018 News

Trump on Fake Pipe Bombs October 28 2018 News

BREAKING Gab a Twitter Alternative SHUT DOWN over profile on gab of Synagogue Shooter 10/28/18

Breaking Pence in Arizona McSally Senate Campaign on Liberal Left Open Borders Caravan MOB 10/28/18

BREAKING ILLEGAL Caravan mostly Males Verified Criminals Sex Trafficking Mob mixed in 10/26/18

BREAKING Trump to Russia USA to Withdraw Treaty Eliminating Nuclear missiles in Europe 10/22/18

BREAKING Something Strange Going On Volcano Eruptions Earthquakes Tsunamis October 2018

40 days Jesus on Earth after resurrection Jesus reveals HE is alive

BREAKING 2018 Mattis warns China Militarization South China Sea China vs USA doorstep War 2018

Something Strange going on Super volcano Yellowstone Dormant Geyser NOW Active Raw Footage 10/3/18

Breaking Ezekiel Bible Prophecy coming Gog Magog War Last Days End times news update September 2018

Heavenly & Fallen Angels Demons Ghosts do You believe in the unseen world ???

Strange Sounds UFO’s? HAARP Weather Manipulation weapons mind control

End Times News update Bible Prophecy Current Events Apostasy Church Falling Away August 2018

Mega Churches Calvary Chapel Brian Brodersen Greg Laurie False Teaching Rick Warren CONNECTIONS

U2 B Heavenbound Youtube CENSORING U2Bheavenbound Conservative Views HELP by Share videos 2018

Breaking News Current Events 2018

End Times News Update

Breaking News

End Times News Bible Prophecy Last Days Deception in Churches 2018

Calvary Chapel Brian Brodersen Rick Warren Joel Osteen Ecumenical Catholic Pope Interfaith Chrislam

BREAKING Brian Brodersen Calvary Chapel Ravi Zacharias ECUMENICAL APOSTASY 2018

BREAKING Catholic Church Arch Bishop says Quran Holy Book Islam Muslims R Brothers Sisters 2018

BREAKING Catholic Church Pope Francis declares Atheists go to HEAVEN 2018 News

Sr Pastor Brian Brodersen of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa & Greg Laurie Harvest Crusades endorses unbiblical teachers purpose driven emergent Saddleback church founder Rick Warren

“The Messiah” Drama- 1 sample scene

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On April 6, 2012 Greater Bakersfield’s First Pentecostal Church presented it’s 5th annual, “Messiah” drama/play. The drama begins with the birth of Christ, tells of His miraculous healing power and teaching ability, and concludes with His death and resurrection. This scene shows Jesus giving several blessings called the beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount which were recorded in Matthew 5:3-12.